There are three different categories of membership with annual renewal

Active Member Fee ($100.00/yr)
an Active Member is a certified Midwife of color in good legal and professional standing.

Only Active Members are eligible to vote on matters submitted to the Members by the Board of Directors. An Active Member may hold an elective office in the Corporation and serve on the Board of Directors, or any committee thereof. 

Student Member ($25.00/yr) 

a Student Member is current student of color currently pursuing a career in midwifery. 

Student Members are not eligible to vote on matters submitted to the Members and may not hold an elective or appointive office in the Corporation, except Student Members may serve as a committee member. ​​​

Supporting Member ($50.00/yr) 

A Supporting Member is an individual who does not qualify as an Active Member or Student Member, but who is interested in supporting the goals  and initiatives of the organization.

You may apply for membership by completing the PDF application 

**Please remember to submit payment to complete online apllication processing**

Or By Completing the Online Application Below